The three most extravagant Mobile homes

Volkner Mobile Performance Bus
This monster of a mobile home includes such luxuries as Leather Sofas, a full sized kitchen, along with widescreen TV’s and power showers. With all this the Volkner is much nicer than the standard house, and unlike many houses this thing actually has a garage for when you REALLY want to flaunt your wealth.

The Volkner will set you back around $1.9 Million although that will likely be less than the cost of driving this monster which probably weighs about as much as a house with all the marble and granite that you can have installed.

When you have stopped and got round to enjoying your extravagant buy you might be disappointed to find the living area slightly too cramped for your likings. No matter, in several variants of this bus you can actually extend the sides to make room for activities.

Marchi Mobile
This mobile home is as impressive to live in as it is strange to look at. Whilst driving this it must feel as though you are in an alien space ship considering the shape of the windshield.

Much like the Volkner above the Marchi has the ability to expand its living area, in this case by up to 80%, has two luxury bedrooms, two fully equipped bathrooms, and even a sitting area on the roof that can be extended with the click of a button.

To ensure that all who board this monster feel like royalty the side opens automatically to show a red carpet.
See the entirety of this bus by following the link below:

The Heat
Finally we come to the Heat, a vast mobile home that is regularly used by celebrities whilst they are shooting for films.

This mobile home comes with upgrades such as leather, oak wood and marble, apparently providing a 5 star hotel feel, an impressive feat when considering most actual hotels are unable to provide a 5 star service.

The most impressive aspect of this mobile home is that it has two floors, which cover up to 1200 square feet of floor space when, as with the other homes mentioned, the sides are expanded. 


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