Justice League:An Alexandre Rodriguez Production

Following Marvel studios take on the Avengers, and its major success, there has been a lot of talk about Warner Bros incarnation of the Justice league. Pretty much everyone has been sticking there two cents in with regards to who they think should direct it, who should star in it and indeed whether it should be made at all. This has amplified since Warner Bros has announced that one is in the works.

As a huge fan of DC comics, particularly the new 52, I can only see good things to come from a Justice league film, specifiably with regards to the Superman Batman relationship. The only potential problem I can see is if they make the same mistake as they did with Green Lantern, which was visually stunning but lacking some gusto in the plot department. Providing they take care of the plot and cast the right people to the right roles, the film should be one that could launch a collected superhero franchise to rival that of Marvels.

The Heroes








Joe Manganiello

Joe's desire to play the caped crusader has been well publicised at the moment, for that reason alone I don't think he's going to be chosen however that being said I do think he would be an amazing to choice to mark The Batmans return to the silver screen. In my opinion he would make an amazing battle Hardened Batman. Though Christian Bale's rendition will be hard to follow, Joe Manganiello should be up to the task. It is key in this film that Batman is portrayed as the Brains of the league after all he is the worlds greatest Detective, whether Joe could handle that would remain to be seen but I would be quietly confident if he was cast in this role.


This is perhaps the most obvious of choices. Not only does he look amazing as superman he will have already been established with the audience. Man of Steel should be the start of the integrated DC Film Universe, if this happens character development can continue and it will help give the film the feeling of Escalation and intensity. “We've seen superman handle things before and if he needs help things must be dire.” That being said I also feel that he will be able to pull of some of the intricacy of the Batman/Superman relationship. Given that it will be the most crucial dynamic of the film.

Green Lantern-John Stewart

There cant be a Justice League without a green lantern, he is a key to way to inject some space adventure and some galaxy based action. That being said Ryan Reynolds incarnation of Hal Jordan lacked some of the galaxy wide gravitas that is required for a Lantern story. A good way to keep the potential of another Ryan Reynolds-Hal Jordan film within the DC multi-verse but separate the Justice League film with the Green Lanterns average ratings is to bring in another Lantern. John Stewart is exactly the character the film would need as it would add to the serious nature of the film. Idris Elba has become a staple of the Superhero movie and has demonstrated his ability to play the reserved and serious hero with his portrayal of Heimdal.

Wonder Woman

Wonder woman is perhaps the riskiest hero within the justice leagues line-up to cast and write for. Following the flop of the modern reinventing of the wonder woman TV series, this character has a huge potential to backfire if poorly cast and scripted. That being said as one of the big three in DC's line-ups and pretty much the only note worthy Female superhero of League standard. Olivia Wilde having got a pretty decent action Movie under her belt in the form of Tron Legacy and Cowboys and Aliens, I think she is an ideal candidate for a more badass version of Wonder woman, with powers akin to Superman's, flight included. Given that she has yet to be type caste and is still quite popular she would hopefully be able to inject some staying power to the whole DC film multi-verse.

Martian Manhunter

There have been quite a few people in assorted forums suggesting Peter Mensah as the Martin Manhunter and to be honest I couldn't agree more. I have always thought he would be good for the role but his cool steely portrayal of Doctore in Spartacus Blood and Sand sold it to me. He is just the right actor to bring the Manhunter' to the silver screen portraying both his problems relating to humans as well as his deep felt loss of his planet and loved ones.

The Flash

The Flash is a difficult one to caste. The Scarlet Speedster is a key Hero in the league as he typically grounds the team which would otherwise be very serious and somewhat difficult to relate to. He does this by injecting an often inappropriately timed, to the eyes of the Batman amongst others, humour. This can be seen particularly well in DC's new 52's version of Justice League when he shows his surprise that Batman didn't have any powers, stating that “I thought he was a vampire or something”. The character also can inject some much needed science credentials to the league as well. As with Wonder woman there is the potential for the Character to go wrong which is why it is important to caste an appropriate actor for the role. That being said Bradley Cooper being a comedy veteran as well as having dalliances in action could be perfect for the role bringing his skill portraying the smart ass to the table.

The Villains

Vandal Savage

Vandal Savage, when done properly, is one of my favourite villains in the DC universe. His immortality and experience throughout history as a dictator make him a villain worthy of the league. His seem less plotting will provide a challenge for the worlds greatest detective, as well as the fact his immortality and the application of his plans will keep the rest of the league at bay. As well as provide a base for the unity of the other villains of the film. Gerard Butler would easily be able to play the brutal and cunning villain clearly demonstrated in Law Abiding Citizen his action credentials speaking for themselves.

The Joker

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

The Joker is arguably the most iconic super villain of all time, his return to comic books in Batman Death of the Family has proven hugely popular. His return to the silver screen will no doubt prove equally popular, so long as he's done properly. In the film he would provide a chaotic element to the plans and schemes of both the League and savage. He will be a tool savage thinks he can use only to lead to greater catastrophe for both the League and Savage. Heath Ledger has left some pretty big boots to fill, that being said, Jonathan Rhys Meyers may just be the man for the job. However like the Joker himself you just don't know what's going to happen until an actor playing him is in front of you.


Metallo isn't exactly the smartest of Super villains. However the cyborgs brutal strength, regenerative ability and Kryptonite power cell make him a go to mercenary when any mastermind has to consider Superman. Metallo, who usually will be happy to work just for the chance to take down Superman, would play a key role in Savage's plot against the Justice league. Karl Urban is an action veteran and would be able to show the violent powerful side of Metallo, as well as portray his intense hatred for Superman.


  1. Couldn't agree more though rumour has it that the villain is going to be Dark side.

  2. I hear Christian bale is rumoured to be coming back for it

  3. They need to do a Batman/Superman film first. That would make a ton of money.