2013. A look at the year ahead

 New Year’s Eve 2012 at Liberty Statue, NY

So we made it. 2012. We've survived. The Mayan calender came to an end, the BBC was hit with scandal after scandal, the UK survived another year of the Conservative lead Coalition and the US survived another Presidential Election. This in spite of the fact that a Texas Judge claimed that a rebellion would happen in the unlikely event that Obama was re-elected, but as the rest of the free world let out a collective sigh of relief at his election and the Republicans entered melt down due to the claims of an obvious Romney victory from FOX News proved to be false, the south has yet to take up arms. Though 2012 proved to be just another year in human existence, 2013 may still have potential to “End the World” with tensions in many regions capable of boiling over following even the smallest of catalysts, Bankers shenanigans seem to be continuing if not escalating and the fear of recession rearing its ugly head just as we begin to think the economy is improving, leaving the western world guessing at what’s going to go wrong next and where.

With all that being said 2013 is very likely to plod along and it isn’t all doom and gloom on the horizon we have plenty to look forward to in this year. But whichever way you look at it, its going to be an interesting one. So here are a few of the things I’m excited for this year and that are going to keep us all ticking over throughout the working year.


There are many films that we're all looking forward to this year, in fact its a subject worthy of its own post, and will be. That being said, here is, in my opinion, the top highlight, I'm expecting of 2013's year of cinema.

Man of Steel

Why I Care.

The trailer for Man of Steel looks amazing, seeing a young Clark standing akimbo with a red cape sent shivers down my spine with the second trailer proving equally as inspiring. But this film has a cinematic importance beyond that of Big Blue's return to form on the silver screen. This film, if successful, can provide the springboard to DC's cinematic universe that the Green Lantern failed to provide.

Why you Should Care.

I can appreciate that not everyone is as much of a comic book nerd as I am. That being said if Man of Steel is a huge success. It will only be a few years before a Justice League film is made alongside a host of other DC Superhero films. If Marvel/Disney's phase 2, beginning with Iron Man 3, goes according plan there will be a domination of Hollywood by the Superhero genre. Which, depending on whether your as much of a Geek as I am, will either be the best thing to happen to cinema since the invention of popcorn or the death of original thought provoking cinema, with Hollywood descending into a frenzy of Superheroes, remakes and sequels.


2013 will be a year for gadgets. As technology is advancing and Apple is losing its stranglehold on the market there are endless gadgets out there worthy of a mention. However as Christopher Lambert said in Highlander there can only be one.

The Oculus rift

The Oculus rift is that one

Why I Care.

With a 180 degree field of view, head movement tracking and a 3D display, this headset sticks you right in the middle of the game. With the Unreal game engine being integrated and developed to work with this headset, and with DOOM 3 already announced as being a release title the Oculus Rift, it is going to provide hours of fun straight out of the box. We're still not quite at a matrix or holodeck style virtual reality, though this is defiantly a giant leap for gamer kind.

Why you should Care.

OK so your not a PC gamer and the idea of a Shoot-em up quasi virtual reality makes you feel tense, this gadget is still important. Though you may not run out to buy it on release, it is still worth noting. It is after all a small step once this is released to a 3D interactive concert or film. The applications for this hardware should thoroughly surpass its gaming remit and we will all be onestep close to virtual reality.


There are so many good games scheduled for release in 2013 that its difficult to pick just one for this post especially considering that many of the games developers have been keeping tight lipped about features and game play. However that being said there is one game franchise releasing this year that should defiantly turn heads.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Why I Care

Grand Theft Auto is one of those games that has always advanced the sandbox genre, with each successive game adding more abilities and customisation. The 5th instalment is likely to be just as ground breaking as all of its forerunners were before it. The map size alone is something worth getting excited about. If you combined all of the previous Rockstar sandbox games' maps GTA 5's would still be bigger. The ocean floor is also apparently fully explorable, which should prove interesting. Either way, this game is going to provide hours and hours and hours of game-play. There are also many unique hobbies you can go about as a character in the game for even more play. The driving mechanics have apparently also been re-vamped to provide a more racing game like feel.

Why you should care.

Like with all Grand Theft Auto games, 5 will allow players to commit repercussion less crimes, like Hit and Runs, at a rate that is typically reserved in the real world for Celebrities, Politicians and Millionaires. Consequently it will likely be blamed for allot of unrelated world problems like cancer or slightly more related ones like the committing of real world crimes by young people. Typically because a Game is an easier target for politically minded people to blame than things like parenting, education, gun control and societal inequality. The games ban has already been suggested by Senator Joe Manchin before it has even been released. Suffice to say the expected controversy in this game is alone worth keeping an eye on it.


  1. GTA always gets blamed for things. Its Politicians wanting an easy way out who don't want to upset their voting base.

  2. Im so excited for GTA's release, not long now.