Three Best and Worst Modern Video Games

My 3 best and worst Modern Video Games
Since the first video games were created they have been leaping on, creating new plot lines, better graphics, improved game play, and breaking as many boundaries as they can.
That is until the era of sequels.
These days truly great games are few and far between whilst previous best selling games have turned into a brand rather than anything innovative. With this in mind here is the third place winner...

Third Worst – Halo 4
Halo. Once a beacon of light in the rapidly darkening land of games it has fallen prey to its own success. When the Halo games stopped being about the game play and started being about money it rapidly went downhill in both quality of storyline and even more so in quality of game play with many of the favourite game modes completely cut out. Halo 2 was the last good version of the game and though Halo 3 went slightly downhill it wasn’t until Reach that things truly went down the toilet. The single player game lasted just over five hours depending on how ham handed you might be. To add to this the single player campaign had no real plot behind it, relying on a ‘who can have the most heroic death competition’ to sell. Halo 4 is what should have been the nail in the coffin as it added absolutely nothing to the game beyond a few new guns that function exactly the same as all the others and with an appalling final boss battle consisting of a couple of quick time events.

Third Best - Magicka
Magicka is a quasi action adventure/role playing game, however here ends its similarities to others games which share the genre. Magicka, unlike other rpg’s is not loot or experience based, making a nice change to the pace in the game. In many games where you control the character from an over the head view after every fight comes a few minutes of looting corpses or breaking into treasure chests, comparing the stats of the new shiny suit of armour that you’ve inexplicably found on a goblin yet perfectly fits you. Magicka avoids this by offering start up armour that you use out the game, with the option to unlock more as you get to certain milestones. This can then be changed from the main menu, however none of the pieces of armour have game changing stats, they merely reflect your style of game play. Compounding this is the style of combat where different elements of magic can be combined with other player’s attacks to create extremely powerful collaboration attempts or to heal the tank players. This combined with an extremely funny plot narrated by Vlad ‘the definitely not a vampire’ wizard makes for an easy to play game.

Second Worst – The Witcher
The Witcher was a game that I brought on a whim, a foolish and ill thought out whim that resulted in my money being wasted. This game is truly awful, with a clunky combat system, a bad plot line, awful voice acting and a terrible set of quests. This game puts you in the place of a Witcher, a demon and witch hunter who (surprise, surprise) loses his memory and all his skills, yet somehow manages to still be more dangerous than thing that you come up against. With a simplified skill tree and a multiple choice karma choice system there is no real way of playing the game in more than two different ways. At least I assume that as I was unable to even complete the game. So poorly designed is the combat that it’s virtually impossible to fight even a single enemy, and the manner in which you have to click on each enemy makes it even more difficult. I can’t even think of anything else to put in this entry as so little of the game is worth mentioning.

Second Best – Skyrim
Skyrim seems at first to be quite a generic RPG and though it suffers the flaw that I mentioned in Magicka of collecting every piece of armour available to find the best types, it is not so difficult to find good pieces of armour as it is in say, World of Warcraft. This combined with the ability to craft better armour than that which you can find as well as ‘artefacts’ which help specific combat styles. The most impressive aspects of the game however is not the plot, immersive as it might be, but instead the manner in which you can play through the game, whether it’s as a warrior battering aside your foes, an assassin killing your enemies without them even realising that you’re behind them or a mage throwing balls of fire into the midst of groups of enemies or making them fight each other. This game has so many different ways of being played that I, Alexandre Rodriguez have personally put over 200 hours into playing it and am still managing to find new quests and different locations that I’ve never seen before.

Worst Game(s) – COD Modern Warfare and beyond
Call of Duty has been rapidly going downhill since the beginning of the Modern Warfare series, when it, as seems to be a trend with the games I’ve listed in the worst category, started to release a ‘new’ game every year or so. A game that never adds new combat elements, that thinks putting enemies with ridiculous armour that takes several clips to break is a good way of extending game play. To compound COD’s decline is the new Black Ops games. Black Ops are military operations that are totally denied by the government and thus as a necessity requiring stealth and no explosions. The Black Op Games on the other hand involve charging directly into combat, and in the second actually using giant robot death machines, which presumably can only be produced by three or four countries... not something that is easily deniable. These games cater to an extremely specific target audience – thirteen year olds who have a stroke if they can’t shoot something every two minutes and shout profanities at everyone else playing.

Best Game(s) – Mass effect
Whilst not a single game, the Mass Effect series is definitely my favourite three games, not for the game play, amazing as it, or the voice acting which makes you feel as though you are in the game, but instead it is the continuality. Every single action that you make dictates everything else that happens in the rest of the series. Choose to save one person early on and it could have catastrophic effects later on, choose to save an alien species that once sought to destroy all life in the galaxy and you might have powerful allies later on. It is this that makes it an almost unique gaming experience, with every single action creating a new path to play through, and though the plot remains the same the actions that you take change the manner in which these missions progress, if you haven’t achieved one goal then a member of your team might die having a knock on effect on the next game. Indeed to get a perfect ending you have to have played all three games fairly well. The only way in which this has flaws is the moral choice system. You have your standard good, bad and neutral choices all of which are obvious, there are no really difficult decisions to make, especially when they are colour coded.

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