Why I hate Glee

We all love a good heart-warming story of misfits struggling to come to terms with who they are in an unaccepting society, I mean, look at The Breakfast Club, Shrek, Edward Scissor hands. These are tales of woe, tales of overcoming adversity and fighting prejudice. Though our hero may not always ‘win’ in the end, we always receive a clear message of acceptance, and the inclusion of all.

   It is my belief, that this idea has been perverted by a certain TV show on FOX. Where the so called ‘misfits’ are painfully obvious High School stereotypes, that have been recycled down through the ages and become the two dimensional characters you see before you.
   Yes, I am talking about Glee. Glee hatred is not a unique phenomenon as I’m sure you’re aware, but aside from the lazy character writing, auto-tuned songs; I have some real issues with the message behind the show

The ridiculously overly politically correct nature of the show

So we have a gay kid who likes fashion, musicals and Beyoncé. A jock who, wait for it, falls for the geeky girl and is too insecure to pursue his true love; singing. And a kid in a wheelchair who dreams of becoming a dancer. I could go on, but the truth is, we can all pretty much guess the rest of the cast without ever having seen the show. The characters are predictable as they are stereotypical representations of the genre they have been chosen to epitomize.

Why was it such a surprise that the gay kid was the only atheist in the religious episode?

Aside from the fact that the original homosexual representation in this show’s carefully balanced mixture of all politically correct stereotypes could not be more ‘flaming’ if they tried, I dislike that for a whole episode his ‘friends’ were trying to convert him to a religion that openly persecutes the gay community. I found it incredibly insensitive, especially at the end in a scene depicting the Kurt Hummel character apologising at his father’s hospital bedside for refusing to allow his friends to pray for him, showing that he needed to make room in his life for prayer.

“Hey, someone’s copied Glee’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’!”

True story. This is something I heard when out shopping and the Journey classic happened to come on over the sound system. A group of teenage girls were outraged at the prospect of their beloved TV show being misrepresented by a band unknown to them. So imagine how I felt.

Sue Sylvester used to be cool

At times, this woman is the only thing that gets me through the 40 minute episodes of offensive material that I occasionally consent to watch in order to gain brownie points with my girlfriend. Her non politically correct torrent of abuse towards the rest of the cast is delightfully refreshing to watch and perhaps one of the only things that writer Ryan Murphy did right. However, I have found her to be increasingly inconsistent in her hatred of the Glee club and all its’ hypocrisy as the series goes on. This suggests to me either that she was stealing the show and winning over audiences everywhere, encouraging negative opinions towards Glee and all it stands for too successfully, OR, it’s all part of Ryan’s plan to reinforce to everyone that ‘haters gonna hate’, until they too are sucked into the falsified all inclusive perfect world of Glee set in Ohio. I personally like to believe the former.
All in all, I get what someone’s idea of a show similar to this may have been trying to do, but somewhere along the way it all went wrong and tried to appease too many audiences. This ultimately left it lacking in plot and character development, as the focus was too much on including as many different stereotypes as possible to ‘represent’. Thus sending the message that Glee is for everyone, but at the same time for no one in particular.


  1. you make some good points. But i still love the singing and dancing.

  2. I would say im looking forward to when it ends but it never will, look at twilight they are just remaking that with aliens instead in the Host. I cant believe the author hasn't been called out on this yet.

  3. I understand your comments about the Gay portrayal or Kurt, however if it really was insensitive, Chris Colfer would have refused to act in that episode. As a Gay kid, I love being able to relate to someone who is like me so much. As you are straight, you are not allowed to say something is insensitive to gay people when you clearly have no experience in being at the forefront. As to autotuned singing, none of the main cast have ever been autotuned, they're just better at singing than you. I understand it can sound autotuned as they studio record their songs and then dub them.