Top Five graphic novels.


I have been into comics ever since I saw Batman the animated series when I was young. It is because of that series that I fell in love with comic books and the whole concept of Superheroes. To this day The Batman is one of my favourite superheroes with his gadgets, detective skills and fighting abilities he is the pinnacle of what man can accomplish if he has the will power, as well as the time and funding. People have always connected with these classic Superhero archetypes of characters though in days gone past they were portrayed through the classic mythology of many cultures. Whilst the Characters appeal to a hugely wide audience it can often be daunting to make the transition from following your favourite characters from their cartoon and film exploits to the page. I know I was when I was younger.

So with that in mind I present to you Alexandre Rodriguez's

Top Five Graphic Novels of All Time That Every Human Must Read!*

The Dark Knight returns

Ask any major Batman fan to name his or her favourite Batman Graphic novels and I guarantee you that this will make their list and be very near the top of it, if not at the top. With the recent animated incarnation of this graphic novel as well as Christopher Nolan drawing aspects from the Novel for the Dark Knight Rises interest in it has definitely risen. This novel deals with the core concepts of Batman remarkably well, pretty much ticking every box.
Psychotic Joker who’s in love with batman. Check.
A criminal dystopia of a city. Check.
A wildly ineffective police force, who misappropriates resources to capture the Batman. Check.
A Superman who is in drastic need of being putting in his place by Batman. Check.
Batman kicking ass. Check.
The list goes on, this graphic novel has won countless awards and is worth the read, even if you have seen the film adaptations.

Marvel Zombies

Who doesn't like a zombie gore-fest, especially when that zombie gore-fest involves Earth's mightiest heroes. So needless to say Marvel Zombies makes a great read. I personally would love to see this as a film, though somehow I don't think it will happen. The story follows the infected Avengers on a Zombie rampage against the backdrop of the last few remaining heroes attempting to revert the tragedy that has befallen their incarnation of the Marvel Universe. This graphic novel has spawned quite a few sequels each worthy of some note, especially the cross over with the Army of Darkness.

Marvel 1602

This is by far one of my favourites and always will be. Appealing to the historian in me it presents classic marvels heroes as viewed through the lens of the 17th century. Witch Burnings are rife amongst the mutants Doctor Doom plots to overthrow monarchies, as a Christian Monk ponders the Extensional crises surrounding the fact that he can turn into the Norse God of Thunder. All of this framed against Nick Furry trying to protect the British Empire and Queen Elizabeth the first.
There are so many excellent parts to this Novel that listing them all would not only be time consuming but would ruin for you the Wonder that I felt as I turned each page and was confronted with beloved Marvel characters reacting to this universe. Its a must read.

V for Vendetta

Who doesn’t love a good story of rebellion and a faceless heros tireless crusade to free mankind from a repressive tyrannical government engaged in criminal activity to subject and control the public. In this modern age with views of internet privacy and the increasing scope of the security and Police Forces, the tale spun by Alan Moore is perhaps more relevant now than ever. With the lead characters iconic imagery of the Guy Fawks mask he uses to hide his face, having such a prevalent position within the human mind I would recommend that everyone sees what the fuss is about by reading the Graphic novel. Again I am very aware that I don’t want to spoil to much because I hate when reviews do that. To summarise this graphic novel ill leave with two quotes from it;

  1. “People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”
  2. “Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea... and ideas are bulletproof.”


Onto yet another Alan Moore classic, beloved by Comic Book fans globally, Watchmen. Set in the 80's in a alternate time line where superheroes exist and Nixon remains president, locked in an ever escalating war with the Soviets. With a film adaptation and a well received prequel comic book series, unless your Alan Moore, Watchmen still exerts huge influence over the minds of comic book readers even though it was released in the 80s. With iconic characters such as Rorschach and Ozymandias as well as a dark insight into the humanity of superheroes and politicians, Watchmen will always be a favourite as it will always provide key insights into the real world.

*This list is not by any means definitive and is subject to change based on the random whim of Alexandre Rodriguez as well as the release of new material.


  1. Marvel 1602. Is without a doubt one of the best graphic novels ever written.