Top Four Super Yacht’s and their Twenty Year+ Old Counterparts
First off I’d like to make a brief point about super yachts and what they say about their owners. They scream about wealth, and whilst that might seem like an obvious point it is not until you have seen these yachts that you understand that there might just be something like too much wealth.
These yachts are extravagant, some requiring a crew of hundreds simply to maintain for the owner, and all of these provide the owner with a huge level of luxury.
With this in mind here is the fourth ranked modern (as in not yet finished) Super Yacht and its older counterpart.

In fourth place comes Privilege One....
Privilege one is not necessarily the biggest or grandest yacht on this list but it deserves a mention simply because of its design, a super modern ship with graceful curves that seem to suggest speed, and lighting that reminds me of Tron. At 126 metres (413.4ft) this yacht has more than enough space to house the lucky millionaires who can afford the as yet unannounced, but surely vast, price tag. Capable of reaching 23 knots you will be able to live out your fantasies at sea not only in style but also with speed. As a not yet finished yacht not many specifications have been given for it, however the combined engines provided 16086hp (23 knots) and can take the ship 10,000 nautical miles before requiring a refuel.

From the looks of photos this yacht has between four and five decks, one of which is surely going to contain a swimming pool, whilst the others will likely be sitting areas outside the bedrooms or, in all likelihood, a cinema.  

...and Motor Yacht O’Mega as her counterpart.
Even for a yacht built in 1987 this is a ship of such luxury as for it to be almost unimaginable. With room for 30 guests, a crew of 28 and size of 82.62 metres (271.0ft) you can be assured that such a vessel will transport you in style to wherever you wish to go, quickly as well considering the top speed of 17 knots (4000hp). On top of all this the fuel tanks allowed a range of around 4200 nautical miles before refuelling. The yacht contains a large number of amenities on board for the discerning customer, providing access to a gym, spar, an on deck Jacuzzi, cinema and anchor stabilizers. The pictures of the inside of this yacht show wooden decked floors, with an extremely nice material (ceramic?) composing the ceiling and much of the furniture.

Our third place contestant is Al Said Yacht...
This monster looks more like a ferry than a yacht, especially when considering the helipad that is on the back of the ship. At 155 metres (508’6ft) Al Said is capable of holding 70 guests, a crew of 154 and reaching a speed of 25 knots on its 21992hp engines. Sadly not much in the way of details is available on this ship despite it having been built in 2008, however it is known that a Jacuzzi is on deck. Despite this lack of information it remains obvious that this is worthy of fourth place if only because of how large it is, and you can land a helicopter on it!

...and Turama Yacht
I have found conflicting opinions on the Turama, one stating that it was built in 1990, the other suggesting 2004. Either way this was originally a cruise ship, right up until someone thought ‘you know what that needs? To be gutted and filled with super expensive things’. That’s right; someone decided that yachts simply weren’t big enough for them and that nothing short of a cruise ship would suffice. The Turama is capable of reaching 15 knots, an impressive speed considering its length being 116.41 metres (381’11ft) and a gross tonnage of 8343 tonnes. Again despite being so old details about this ship seem to be in short supply however we do know that this has both a Jacuzzi on deck and a helipad, a trend I think likely to continue as we progress up the list to the top two yachts.
In second places we have Dubai Yacht...
Again, this is a huge yacht, measuring 162 metres (531’6ft) with its engines providing 38500hp to allow it to reach an impressive 26 knots. There is room for a huge number of people on board, with a max of 72 guests and 88 crew members at any one time. This combined with the Jacuzzi, the swimming pool, and the seemingly mandatory helipad make this into beautiful yacht. Pictures of the inside of the ship show a beautiful spiral staircase connecting all the inside decks a spacious changing room for the swimming pool and a HUGE living area with numerous sofas and tables.

...and Alexander Yacht
Alexander Yacht was built in 1965 and though it was not until 1987 that it became a super yacht and despite the refit in 1998 it is still worthy of being considered in the ‘older yachts’ segment due to its standard design remaining very much the same. Alexander is equipped with a number of impressive amenities, such as a disco bar, 27-seat cinema, children’s playroom, gym, music room, helipad, a pool and Jacuzzi, as well as a small hospital. To go with this are the nautical toys that have been packed into whatever space was left over, Waverunners, water skis, two Sunseeker 9.40 metre powerboats and many others. At 122 metres (400’3ft) Alexander boasts an impressive speed of 18 knots and offers space for 80 guests and 60 crew.

And our first place winners are *insert drum roll here* Project Azzam Yacht and...
There is very little detail available about this super yacht as it is actually yet to be built, or even for its design specs to have reached the public. All I can say about this beast is that she is expected to be 180 metres (590’7ft) and thus will take the mantel of the largest super yacht in existence and that it is almost certain that she will have a helipad and swimming pool available, who can guess as to what else will be on 

... El Horriya Yacht (formerly Mahroussa)
The oldest and yet still one of the greatest ships on this list, built in 1865 (I didn’t even know that they had yachts back then) and remains comparable to modern counterparts, at a size of 145.72 metres (478’1ft) she weighs in amongst the largest in this list, and though she won’t get you anywhere fast at a max speed of 16 knots, she does so in style and provides a crew of 160 (NOTE: details are once again sadly lacking and as such I am unsure if this is her maximum capacity or if guests were expected on top of that vast crew)


  1. I'd love to get me one of those yachts, bet they cost more to run than I'll make my entire life

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